Iain Sharpe Explains Why You Should Hire a Travel Agent

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Iain Sharpe, a financial advisor who resides in Houston, never used a travel agent before this year, and now he realizes what a mistake he has been making in planning  his travel for all these years.  He and his wife were planning a trip to Scotland and someone suggested they use a travel agent as they wanted to stay in multiple places throughout the country, and were getting overwhelmed with logistics and where to stay, what to do, etc.


Through his employer, Merrill Lynch, he was able to get in touch with a reputable travel agent to help them with their plans.  He will now always use her even when it isn’t a specifically challenging travel planning experience.  Here’s why:



Travel agents jobs are to know the best places to stay and have inside knowledge on what the must-see and must-do experiences are for any given destination.  They will ask the right questions to find out the experiences and type of accommodations you would be happy with.  With their knowledge and connections, a travel agent can organize side trips, upgrades, special events and passes, and other little touches that the general public does not have access to.


Save you time and money

Instead of calling around to different hotels, you can just tell your agent what you are looking for and they will do it for you!  How awesome is that?  Iain Sharpe’s agent will give them a few options, along with pricing and let them decide which one they want to go with.  She is paid on commission and they have found that the rates she gets at hotels are no higher than what they get on their own.  However, in booking through her, they get perks, upgrades, and better service.


They can help when things don’t go right

If something doesn’t go right when you are on vacation, your travel agent will be there to help.  If your flight is cancelled, let your agent deal with it while everyone else is scrambling trying to rebook!  Did the hotel put you in the wrong room?  Call your agent and it will get corrected without you having to deal with the front desk!


Iain Sharpe had so much doubt about using a travel agent, but the experience he has had after planning three trips with her has been so wonderful!  He highly recommends you find an agent you love and that you feel understands you, your family, and what you look for in a vacation!  You will never plan a trip alone again!


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